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Open house information

Open house information for 2018

"Kindergarten exhibit" is held in whole period in October from June. A tour in the kindergarten and a policy are explained because I have everyone know the state of our nurture. The person a brother of an enrollment child is planning to enter is a target, too, so please be sure to participate. When there is a person who hopes for entrance, please recommend it to a neighborhood resident.



Schedule 6/20(Tue)・6/23(Fri)・6/28(Wed)

Please come with your child by 9:50 the day. And it's expected to end around 11:15.
 We're preparing slippers to the guardian, but child's shoes want you to bring me
 one for interiors.


All name tag is being prepared. Please write the name of the child and put on.
 When a child can get away from the guardian, we keep it.
 Children play by a block, read a picture book and play with a nurture person.


A vice-director explains about our policy and nurture of Ikuwa kindergarten.
 More than one material is distributed in addition to the brochure of the Ikuwa
 kindergarten. An explanatory meeting is performed next to the children's room.


A tour of facilities of Ikuwa kindergarten is done by a parent and child.
 We explain various facilities in a nursery, a play room and an indoor pool.


It dismisses after we hold a discussion. (Around 11:15)
 After that our garden is opened. Please play.


Contact us
Ikuwa Kindergarten tel:045-339-1900


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