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Characteristics of our kindergarten

Woman teachers’ (trainees) visit

Woman teachers’ (trainees) visit

Young teachers visit our kindergarten on every Thursday as trainees.
They are students at Hijirigaoka Education & Welfare College.

They help the children make balls of mud, as well as playing tag and dodgeball together. They also eat lunch with the children. They liven up the events held at our kindergarten, such as sports day and sweet potato digging. 

Visit to housing for the elderly

Throughout the year, the children are given opportunities to visit nearby Yume no Sato, a special nursing home, and its sister institution Tokiwadai Care Plaza.

“I will come again, Grandpa.” “Take care, Grandma.” The children’s smiles and energy appear to raise spirits of the elderly more than anything else. “Thank you, it was very nice to see you.” “Come again…” These kind words from the elderly always warm the children’s hearts.

The children are also given opportunities to meet people who live in the neighboring areas through events such as handshake sessions, Respect for the Aged Day events, Christmas parties and assemblies. They learn a lot through these interactions.

Visit to housing for the elderly
Extracurricular soccer lessons for 5-year-olds

Extracurricular soccer lessons for 5-year-olds

Soccer is a sport comprised of the basic aspects of physical movements, including running, kicking, throwing and jumping.

We would like to invite 5-year-olds to our soccer lessons so that they can build up their physical strength as well as their relationships with their teammates.

Our soccer club Ikuwa Bears playing in our playground under the guidance of SJ Sports.